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Attention homeowners of Midlothian, Texas; B&C Exteriors has been roofing in your area for over 20 years. If you suspect your home needs repair or a full roof replacement, contact us today. Our team is experienced and insured. Get your free estimate today!

Our Roofing Services Include:

  • Repairs

  • Replacement
    Metal, Composite, Tile, etc.)

  • Emergency Services and Tarping

  • Maintenance

  • Storm Damage
    We can help with insurance claims.

You expect the latest and greatest in roofing products available on the market. Our technicians are certified installers of the best products out there. Whether you want new shingles or a metal roof, we have the options you're looking for. See below the roofing products we work with. 

Available Roofing Products Include:

  • GAF Shingles


  • CertainTeed

  • Mueller

  • HydroStop

  • MuleHide

  • TPO

  • Decra

Roof Repair Company in Midlothian, TX

Many companies try to push for high ticket items like replacing your roof when, in fact, a simple roof repair is all that is needed.  At B and C, we are a customer-focused company that wants what is best for your home as well as your family's safety.  Because of this approach, we make sure that our roof inspections are honest and accurate.  If we can do a simple repair job and assure the safety of the people under your roof, then that is the route we will take.

As a local Midlothian homeowner, you have to put up with the fun random weather that Texas has to offer.  This drastic weather can put a massive strain on your roof over time as well as cause damages immediately.  With this in mind, you must be proactive with your repairs before significant leaks become worse.  Midlothian is also a fast-growing city with many new homeowners who must be aware of the home's roof as they purchase.  Check out the roof tips for new home buyers.

It's easy for homeowners to address roof repair needs after storms that deliver high winds, rain, and hail, but what about the other damage weather can cause? For instance, sun, tree, and condensation damage.  These factors are often overlooked on a day to day basis only thought of after the issues occurred.  This issue is understandable, but it's also why the notion of yearly maintenance is so crucial for your roof.  With our annual maintenance program, you can prevent damage before it becomes worse.

Best Roofer in Midlothian, TX

We love the fast-growing small city of Midlothian, TX, and we have been fortunate enough to deliver our roofing services to residents and businesses for years. You can easily say we are one of the most trusted roofing companies in Midlothian. This trust is because we are local in the area and understand your needs. We are not some large franchise, corporate giant, or a storm chasing roofer who takes your money and runs.

Your city is vibrant and full of life, and we want to continue providing safety for your families and businesses.  Did you know, according to Wikipedia, that the population in 2018 was estimated 27,049?  Now that's a lot of roofs and a lot of people.  We pride our work and always have. Give us a call today or message us for an estimate, we look forward to meeting you.

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New Roof Replacement in Midlothian, TX

There are a lot of reasons why you may need a new roof replacement.  Maybe you have emergency damage, long term wear-and-tear, or just ready for a modern look to up your homes resale value. Whatever your case may be, the one thing you must do is choose a local and reputable roofer — a company like B and C Roofing.  We have serviced the Midlothian, TX community of homes and businesses for 20 years.

B & C Exteriors has been roofing the entire North Texas area for 20 years, and we are a family-owned and operated business.  Our headquarters is located just outside of Midlothian, and because of this, we can honestly say that we understand your community needs.

Don't fall victim to the storm chasers who come from out of state.  Texas, in particular, is known for these companies who swoop in, create a new business name LLC, then do a poor job.  They seem attractive because they offer dirt-cheap pricing, but many of them will leave never to be heard of again.  Sometimes these roofers are inexperienced with you being their first or second customer, or maybe these roofing companies want the quick sale.  You don't want the roof over your head to not be taken seriously by your contractor.  You deserve trust, experience, and a company that cares for your family's safety.

When you choose B and C as your Midlothian roofer, you can feel comfortable that we have been around for years serving your community. Instead, you can focus on the fun part, like choosing your shingles and color options as well as feel good about your family's safety and homes resale value.

Our business offers a variety of roofing services and products to suit any business needs.


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