You Must Choose A Local Roofing Company!

One of the most significant mistakes you can make as a home or business owner is to hire a roofing company that is not local to your surrounding area. This truth is especially the case within the state of Texas as they call TX the wild wild west of roofing. We are not saying that the roofer must have an office right down the street from you. But we do suggest that they need to be in the general region and have an understanding of the community. The reason this idea is essential to us is that we have seen so many people struggle after choosing the wrong roofer.

Why is Texas the wild west of roofing?

In Texas, roofers do not have the strict mandatory licensing regulations the same way that other industries like, electricians, and plumbers have. This lack of licensing means that any individual, with or without knowledge of the roofing industry, can form a company and sell you a roof. I don't know about you, but that does not sit well with us. What this results in is people flying in from out of state, forming quick LLC companies, chasing storms, performing sub-par work, then leaving with your money. These companies leave you with a mess of a roof, and they are never to be heard of again.

Be smart; choose local roofers.

We understand that this does not account for every business, and we realize that someone local can also form a roofing company with no experience. This truth is why we suggest to first narrow down your roofer to someone who understands the area, the climate, and the community. For instance, if your home is in Dallas, Fort-Worth, or surrounding communities, then a roofer who has experience in North Texas is quite acceptable.

Go with trust and experience.

Once you have decided to focus locally, then your next approach should be both trust and experience. Ask for references of previous work completed, before and after images, and check online reviews. Keep an eye on their roof inspection process. Do they stay on the ground and take quick pictures, or are they spending time to get on the roof and access the situation? To truly understand a roof's condition, you must do a thorough inspection and make sure to explain in detail the reality to the customer. Many times the real problems lie underneath the shingles and wood; therefore, glances from the ground do not find these real issues.

These are the questions and things to look for that help you build trust in your roofer, but in the end, you must go with your gut feeling. If your gut is telling you something doesn't feel right, then you must listen. Time can be of the essence when there is actual damage to your home or business. There are also a lot of roofing companies in Texas, so please don't rush if it doesn't feel right. This speed happens so often due to the dirt-cheap pricing that many of the fly-by-night companies offer. They push the sale, sell the low price, then cut corners to deliver a horrible job. We are not saying you have to pay through the roof, but we are pointing out that nothing dirt cheap comes without cut corners. It may be cheap labor, cheap products, or incomplete work deliver, but most likely, your job will not have quality.

B & C services the local North Texas area

For over 20 years, we have been servicing North Texas, mainly the Dallas Fort Worth area. We understand the strange weather that Texas brings us here in the north. And we have seen so many weird situations with roofs that we have some stories to tell. The great thing is that we understand the area, in particular, the homes and businesses. We are not a large corporate franchise but rather a family-owned and operated business. We can deliver the experience and quality of a large company while also maintaining the small personal comfort that you need.

We are here before your issues, and we will be hereafter we solve your roofing needs. Although we service the entire North Texas Region and the surrounding communities of DFW, we do have a local office in Grandview, TX. Many of our customers are in the cities close to us, and we have a list below. Please click your city to learn more about our roofing services, and if you do not city your city, then contact us here so we can serve you.

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