Understand The Basic Types of Residential Roofing Structures

Because there are different types of home designs, there are also several types of roof designs. Some types of roofs, such as flat roofing, have been around for several years. However, some roofs have only been around for a few years.

Gabled Roof

The thing that makes the gabled roof unique is the fact that both ends of the roof have a triangular wall. This is a two-planed roof that has an impressive look. It is also easy to install. If the gables have an attic window, then it is even more aesthetically pleasing.

Hipped Roof

One of the things that separate hipped roofs from other types of roofs is its side slope down the walls of the home. The hipped roof usually does not have a vertical surface. It also has a gentle slope. Most of the traditional houses have tile or shingle roofing. However, some may have metal panels.

Multi-Slope Roof

Multi-slope roofs stand out from other roofs because of their unique look. Multi-slope roofs can be classified as mansard or gambrel roofs. Gambrel roofs are essentially the same as gabled roofs. The only difference is that the gambrel roofs have two different slopes on each side. Mansard roofs are essentially the same as hipped roofs. However, mansard roofs have multiple slopes.

Flat Roofs

In the past, flat roofs were rarely used in residential roofing. However, they have become more popular among homeowners because of the changes that have been made in manufacturing materials. The design trends have also caused flat roofs to grow in popularity.

Flat roofs are entirely different from sloped roofs. They do not use shingle roofing or other classic materials. They typically use layers of synthetic polymers or rubber as the primary roofing material.

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