Take These Steps After Locating a Roof Leak

Your roof is the single structure that protects the entire home from weathering damage. One leak alone can create hundreds of dollars of damages. If you suspect damage after a big storm, it's time to take action. Take these steps after locating a roof leak to minimize the damage.

1. Protect Your Belongings

From the moment that a leak occurs, protect your belongings by moving everything possible from the affected area. Items covered in fabric should be priorities. Heavy items, such as couches, can be covered by a tarp.

Keep in mind that some items can't be removed, and they'll be inevitably replaced during a roof repair project. Drywall, for example, cannot be saved from saturation. It's one of the first items to be pulled and replaced by the professionals.

2. Dry out Anything Possible

Get ahead of the repair process by drying out the interior spaces. Open windows, and turn on fans when the rain event is over. Remove rugs and other fabrics from the rooms. You're trying to minimize the amount of water inside the home. Leaving it still means that mold and mildew can work their way into the house.

You can also rent industrial fans from local businesses. These fans push incredible amounts of air, which leads to faster evaporation.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

Every roof leak is a potential hazard to the rest of the home. Your homeowner's insurance will insist on being involved. The roof is a primary structure covered under nearly every policy. Call the company and describe the initial damage. They'll probably send out an adjuster to look at the property. At that point, the adjuster determines fault and coverage points.

Don't forgo this step because it saves you money in the long run. Most policies cover these types of damages.

4. Assess the Interior Damage

The main damage might be at the roof level, but allow the professionals to analyze that area. You can concentrate on the interior damages. Take photos and continue drying out the space. Salvage as much of your belongings as possible. Your insurance policy should mostly cover the internal cost. Documenting the scenario with photos will always be helpful. You'll end up with the insurance funds to renew the home.

5. Ask Roofers for an Exterior Quote

Get in touch with a reputable, roofing company. They can visit the home and walk the roof. The experts verify that the shingles, flashing, and sheathing are all structurally sound. They'll document the main damage as they come up with a quote.

Keep in mind that the roofers can work with the insurance company to cover the repair from all angles. Photos and official quotes give your insurance adjuster the information necessary to finalize the repairs.

Contact B&C Exteriors today for your roofing quote. Our team is pleased to support the Grandview, Texas, community with experienced repairs and replacement options. Get your roof back into shape with our thorough services. Rain, hail, and other phenomena won't be issues any longer.


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