Signs Your Roof Is Need of a Little Maintenance

Homeownership is an exciting event in one's life, but it can also come with many maintenance responsibilities. One area of your home that needs regular maintenance and your repair is your roof.

Have you looked at your roof lately? It is generally recommended that you have your roof regularly inspected to ensure that it is protecting your home as it should. Great times to check your roof are after a severe storm, but a regular inspection each season allows for constant monitoring throughout the year. A roofing company that can help you assess potential problems could save you valuable time and money down the road.

Roof damage can quickly become a whole home issue if it is not adequately taken care of. Excess moisture can leak into attics, ceilings, and walls, causing wood to rot and mold. Proactive care and repair of your roof will help alleviate more costly repairs that might otherwise spiral quickly out of control.

So what do you look for, then, to ensure that your roof is in good working order? How do you know what signs indicate that you need to call in the experts to repair or perhaps replace your roof? Here are some signs to watch for when determining if repair of this vital part of your home is needed:

1. Determine how old your roof is

A good roof that gets regular maintenance can last for up to twenty-five years. On the other hand, if there were areas that were compromised due to adverse weather conditions or damage, it will need attention sooner. If it is determined that you are coming up on the twenty-year mark, perhaps it's time to call in a professional to determine whether repair or replacement is necessary.

2. Loose shingles

If you can see that shingles are loose, missing, or coming up at the edges, this is an indicator that more dire consequences are at hand. Areas of weakness in your roof's composition leave your home vulnerable to the elements. If your home has been compromised with excess moisture, then it's only a matter of time before the damage has become too much to repair, and you will be looking at a structural replacement. Before it gets to that point, have those important inspections done to save yourself valuable time and money.

3. Parched or dirty shingles

Parched or dirty shingles also indicate that trouble is on the horizon. Parched shingles are telling you that they have reached their capacity for protecting your home, while darkened or dirty shingles are telling you that they are saturated with additional moisture, algae, or mold overgrowth. All of these are signs that something needs repair before you face an even bigger one.

4. Missing granules

The appearance of granules on a shingle gives a clue as to how long it has been in place on your roof. Shingles that are missing granules or, worse yet, ones that are bald are failing to protect your home from the elements. Time for repair and replacement.

5. Flashing damage

A flashing is any connection to your structure via the roof, often found near a chimney, wall, or a skylight. Any imperfection in the seal of a flashing means that moisture has already seen its way through and that you will have to schedule a repair to ward off additional damage.

Unless you are a trained professional and adept at assessing and diagnosing roofing issues, it's best to contact a reputable roofing company to evaluate your roof and its needs. At B&C Exteriors Inc., we have over twenty years of experience with all things exterior for your home. We will diagnose, repair, and replace your roof using our innovative materials and our top-notch technicians to get the job done. If you want to make a long-term investment in the future of your home, contact us today.

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