Roofing Safety 101

When working on a roofing project, every job site could potentially be dangerous if the work area and workers aren't following the best practices for safety protocols.

Safety Should Always Come First

It's critical for project managers and the roofing business to install fall protection to ensure the safety and well-being of roofing contractors while they are working on the roof. Falls are the most common workplace accident, even with all of the understanding of the importance of fall prevention.

Legitimate roofing companies recognize the dangers and legal repercussions of failing to provide adequate fall protection to employees.

OHSA enforces strict policies for companies to follow as it relates to fall protection. For instance, employers must cover all holes in the floor if there is a chance that an employee could fall into it.

Elevated open-sided platforms must feature guard rails and toeboards to help prevent employees from falling off the platform or into running machines or equipment.

Other best practices could consist of common-sense practices such as not running on the roof, avoiding horseplay while working, and wearing specialized footwear that boosts grip and traction on elevated or sloped surfaces.

Responsible Roofing Companies Take Steps To Protect Contractors

Companies with a dedication to safety and meeting OHSA regulations have a wide choice of fall protection products available from which to choose. Standard and custom components are ideal for ensuring that all work areas are safe and secure for workers to do their job without the risk of falling. In doing so, it also helps to reduce potential liability and injuries from dropping from high elevations.

Fall protection kits made especially for roofing companies and contractors help ensure OSHA compliance. Some of these components include standing seam roof anchor posts, safety harnesses, concrete wedge anchors, horizontal lifeline kits, permanent rood anchor with cap, reusable roof anchors, rope grab systems, and toggle anchors.

Each of these fall prevention tools offers protection for valued customers, dedicated employees, and the roofing company themselves. By preventing and protecting against falls, the company is reducing risks for everyone involved in the project. Employers can worry less about on the job injuries and workman's compensation claims. Employees can work with confidence that they won't take an unexpected tumble from high roofs. Customers can concern themselves less with the possibility that if an accident occurs on their property that they are held financially responsible for the accident.

Call a Roofing Company Who Puts Safety Above All Else

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