Protect Your Roof This Winter With These 4 Tips

Small maintenance can go a long way when it comes to protecting the life of your roof. Even if your roof is relatively new, routine roofing inspections can help you identify problems early on before the situation is too costly. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend their hard-earned money on possibly preventable repairs.

Follow These Roofing Tips

Clean The Gutters

During the fall, leaves and twigs can become built up in your home's gutter system along with dirt and grime, which could develop over time if your gutters have been neglected. It is essential to keep your gutters clean so that water can adequately run off and not become standing in a specific area. This can cause several issues. If the water becomes built up, it can cause damages to other aspects of the roof as well as damage the gutter itself due to a significant amount of weight holding in one spot. Clean your gutters regularly as part of your home maintenance routine.

Keep Off The Roof

Climbing on your roof can be extremely dangerous. It can cause more wear and tear to the shingles, and any weak spots could be a fall hazard. Most of the time, you can perform regular roof checks from a ladder without stepping foot on the roof. Some homeowners will use a drone to get a birdseye view of any potential damages.

Look For Potential Water Damage

When looking for water damage, some signs are more evident than others. If you happen to notice your roof is sagging, this could be an emergency roofing situation. Water damage could have ruined the integrity of the structure, causing it to cave in during a heavy storm. Other signs may be visible from inside the house like water damage coming down the drywall from the ceiling. When looking at your roof to asses for damages, make sure to note anything that seems out of place. Missing or curling shingles and damaged flashing is just a couple of examples.

Schedule Your Annual Roofing Inspection

Having your roof inspected by a professional roofing company on an annual basis can help significantly in prolonging the life of your roof. Your local roofer can asses problems and provide advice that the average homeowner is just unaware of when looking at their roof.

Choose B&C Exteriors For All of Your Roofing Needs

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