Is Your Roof Ready for Spring?

The roof is one of the most significant structures on buildings that offers a high level of protection on the interior setting. After a long and harsh winter, it may be time to prep the structure for the spring season to ensure that it's ready for the warm weather ahead. As a homeowner, there are a few essential steps to take to inspect the roof and perform any repairs that may be needed.

Inspect the Flashing

The flashing is one of the primary materials of the roof that can become damaged or may lift over time, which can allow water to leak through through areas like the chimney or vents. The material should be tightly sealed and secure on the roof to ensure that water cannot get into the building. If the flashing has lifted or is damaged, contact a company like B&C Exteriors to perform the necessary repairs.

Take a Look at the Gutters

The gutters are responsible for redirected water off of the roof away from the property to avoid damage to the roofing materials or the foundation of the house. Examine the gutters to look for any repairs that may be needed, which can include a drainage issue or leaks that are present. Hire an expert to perform the necessary maintenance to ensure that the gutters will continue to serve their purpose.

Check the Roofing Materials

The roofing materials that are installed on your home determine the quality and durability of the structure, which makes it necessary to inspect the roofing materials. Check to see if the asphalt shingles are loose or have curled, which can cause them to fall off of the building. You may notice shingle granules in the gutters, which is a common sign that the roofing materials may need to be replaced and are no longer durable. After the winter season, you may notice shingles in the yard after a storm has passed, which can cause the roof deck to become exposed. Reinstall the tiles or shingles with roofing cement to ensure that there's enough protection on the building for the coming season.

Look for Wind Damage

One of the most important parts of proper roof maintenance is to look for any signs of wind damage, which can quickly cause leaks to form on the roof. You may notice bare areas on the roof or shingles that are damaged, which should be replaced by a roofing company immediately.

Getting your roof ready for spring is necessary to ensure that you can maintain the quality of your home and reduce the risk of damage. By working with a professional roofer, you can increase the lifespan of the structure and avoid paying thousands of dollars in damage.


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