Frequently Asked Questions: Roof Warranties

Your Most Common Roof Warranty Questions Answered

If you’re like most people, you don’t give your roof warranty a bit of thought until something goes wrong. When something goes wrong with your roof, it can leave you panicking about what exactly your warranty covers and how long that coverage lasts. Most people know it is essential to invest in a good roof warranty, but they don’t know exactly how to translate that coverage into actionable-repairs after some damage occurs. We know that understanding your warranty is the key to gaining peace of mind when damage occurs. We want to answer the most common questions about roof warranties to help you get a better understanding of standard roof warranties before any damage even happens.

Why is a Roof Warranty So Important

A roof warranty is a pretty decent-sized investment. A good warranty costs a few thousand dollars and is something you should consider with care. When you commit to spending that kind of money, you want the peace of mind of knowing what is covered if anything goes wrong or any damage occurs. The last thing you need is to be caught in a storm, literally, without coverage for your new roof.

How Likely is it That I Will Have Problems With My New Roof?

Just like a new car, when you invest in putting on a new roof, you expect them to hold up well and function as they should. At B&C Exteriors, we install new roofs using only top-grade materials that are manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing. We also provide highly experienced roofing experts to install your home’s new roof. Our process and quality of materials make it very unlikely that something will go wrong. However, if there is something like a truly major storm or a traumatic weather event, a warranty will make sure that you’re protected and that any potential damage is covered under that warranty.

How Do Solar Panels Affect A Roof Warranty?

Choose a reputable solar-panel installation roofing company that has an experienced team. Solar panels will not void your roof warranty when installed correctly. The key is to The installer needs to have a solid understanding of how solar panels can contribute to heat buildup. You also need to ensure that they install solar panels without any damage to the surrounding shingles.

What Happens If I Have To File a Claim On My Roof Warranty?

If you have to file a claim for your roof, don’t worry. If you’ve invested in a good warranty, it should be a relatively straightforward process. First, locate your original paperwork. You should have filed this in a safe place. There will likely be two separate portions of the warranty, one from the company addressing the installation’s workmanship and one covering the actual roofing materials. Locate the installation date and ensure you were the homeowner at the time of installation. Next, contact the claim or warranty department that is listed on the original paperwork and follow the phone prompts to complete the process. It should be simple to work through the claim process with all reputable companies that provide warranties.

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