Do This Immediately After a Hail Storm

Hail storms can occur at any time of the year. However, they are most likely to happen during the springtime. It is essential for you to know what to do after a storm. You will need to take the following steps after a hail storm.

Inspect the Exterior

You will need to inspect the outside of your home after the storm is over. You should find the biggest hailstone and put it inside your freezer. Inspect your gutters for granules. Make sure that your gutters do not have any dents in them. Your air conditioner, window screens, and siding will need to be inspected.

Additionally, you should try to inspect your roof. If you have a drone, then you can use it to inspect your roof. You can use the drone to take pictures. The insurance company will likely ask you to provide proof of damage. That is why it is important to take pictures.

Call a Roofing Company

If you think that there is roof damage, then you will need to call a professional. You may not be able to see roof damage. A professional will perform an assessment and determine the type of repairs that need to be made.

Contact the Insurance Company

You will need to call the insurance company and let them know that you have experienced hail damage. They will inform you of all of the rights that you have as a policyholder. Some insurance companies will send out an adjuster to give you an estimate on the repair cost.

However, your insurance company may require that you get three bids. Many people will automatically choose the person who gives them the lowest bid. However, this may not be a good idea. The company that offers you the lowest price may not give you the best service. Many companies charge low rates because they cut corners.

You will need to do your homework before you choose a company. It is also a good idea to get a list of references. Additionally, you will need to get your insurance company to work with the contractor.

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