Are you proactive with your roof maintenance?

Let's be honest. Spending money on roof maintenance falls pretty low on the to-do list. It's out of sight, it won't impress your friends, and other issues take priority. Besides, most real estate owners worry about the roof once there is a problem, right?

That's right. And it costs a fortune. That's why it is essential to discuss proactive versus reactive roof maintenance and why being proactive is the only strategy to implement.

Let's start by defining proactive and reactive maintenance.

Reactive maintenance occurs only after a problem arises. The owner notices a defect, calls the roofing company for repair and moves on to the next action item. There is no plan for follow up inspections or preventative maintenance. This cycle will continue once the next roof defect is detected.

Proactive maintenance is prescheduled and occurs periodically. The roofer examines the overall condition, makes necessary repairs, and locates potential issues that may arise before the next scheduled inspection. The goal is to keep the roof in the excellent condition at all times.

So why is it so important to have a proactive maintenance plan in place? Why not wait until there's an issue before spending money?

For three significant reasons:

1. You Will Save A Fortune: Analysts at Reed Construction Data compared the difference in maintenance costs between proactive and reactive strategies. Owners that react to roof problems pay an average of 25¢ per square foot on an annual basis. Owners that have a proactive approach in place pay 11¢ per square foot during the same period. Proactive maintenance saves the owner a staggering 44% of total cost.

Also, proactive maintenance can extend the life of the roof by up to 8 years, increasing the annual savings even further.

2. Reduces The Risk Of Downtime: Major roof repair can put a property into "downtime," and may make the property uninhabitable until work is complete. This can be particularly devastating for commercial or multifamily owners who need full occupancy to service expense obligations. Addressing issues proactively will significantly reduce the risk of disruptive and costly problems.

3. Your Warranty May Require It: If you purchased a "No Dollar Limit" warranty, you might be REQUIRED to have a proactive roof maintenance program. The Everguard© Diamond Pledge™ NDL Roof Guarantee, for example, states, "You must perform regular inspections and maintenance and keep records of this work." Not adhering to this guideline could put the warranty in serious jeopardy.

Once you've decided to be proactive, make sure your roofer follows a standardized checklist. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Inspect After Spring and Fall Seasons

  • Inspect After Severe Weather Events or Prolonged Rain

  • Debris Removal

  • Inspect For Signs of Water Damage

  • Inspect Water Drainage Systems for Leaks or Blockage

  • Repair or Replaced Damaged Wood

  • Maintain Mechanical Equipment and Venting

Need more checklist suggestions? Start by calling B&C Exteriors Inc. at 817-866-4897. We can discuss your needs and schedule a preliminary inspection. Our estimates are FREE and require no obligation, so please contact us today!

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